EULER Series
Non-isolated switching voltage regulator
with plugged-in inductor
4,5...18 VDC
Input voltage
3 A
Output current
0,765...7 VDC
Output voltage
<3 mm
Case profile
Switching voltage regulator of the EULER series — the first of compact solutions for telecommunications and general industrial applications from a leading developer and manufacturer of power supply systems and components — VOLTBRICKS company.
Main features
Switching voltage regulator of the EULER series
  • Input voltage range 4.5...18 VDC
  • Adjustable output voltage 0.765...7 VDC
  • Output current 3 A
  • Case operating temperature range –40...+125 °C
  • LGA case
  • Length × width: 7.5 × 6.4 mm
  • Height 2.7 mm
  • Switching frequency 700 kHz
  • Weigth <0,4 g
Point of load
3 A
Switching regulator
› Low profile <3 mm for SMD
› Turnkey solutions without extra components
Turnkey solution based on EULER and its' typical connection components cover not more than 200 sq. mm of PCB. It means that EULER is one of the most miniature step-down voltage regulator produced at the moment.
  • Сompact size
  • Plugged-in inductor
  • Minimum of external components
  • High efficiency
  • Ultrafast response to load changes
  • Low power consumption at no-load and stanby mode
  • LGA case for proper mounting and effective heat dissipation
  • SCP and OCP
We will help to choose DC/DC solution for your project, provide you with cost and lead time, accept the requirements for custom design. It takes just few minutes in office hours.
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Test results
Steady operation with low ripple and noise
The diagram shows output voltage ripple and noise.
10 mV/scale mark; sweep — 2 μs/scale mark; Uin 12 VDC; Uout 5 VDC.
Left Iout 0.1 A. Right Iout 3 A.
Wide range of operating temperatures
Case operating temperature range of EULER is –40...+125 °C.
Conditions for thermogram below: Uin 12 VDC; Uout 5 VDC; Iout 3 A; Tamb +25 °C.

Natural convection
Airflow 3 m/s
Demo board EULER-DP
Pre-order is available.
Please make a request via phone +65 6950 0011
Demo board includes EULER switching voltage regulator with output voltage options 0.8 V; 0.9 V; 1 V; 1.2 V; 1.5 V; 1.8 V; 2.5 V; 3.3 V; 5.0 V; 7.0 V. At EULER's input and output several capacitors are mounted. These capacitors are able to operate in a full range of input and output voltages.
Terminals are designed for easy connection of input power supply and a load, as well as measuring tools.
Before using please refer to the information presented in the EULER and EULER-DP datasheets.
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